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Breaking of Bread

Evening & Family Service


Prayer & Bible Study

Let us know if you would like us to pray for you.



Kids Club (JAM!)
6pm - 7pm

Youth Club
7pm - 8:30pm

Coffee Morning
10am - 12pm

Please come and join us for a drink!



First Thursday
of the month

Friends and Neighbours service and tea

The church provides transport to all our services, please contact us for transport or further details



The Sunday Evening Service and Friends & Neighbours Service is a friendly service for adults including youth, and adults with singing, interaction and gospel message 

For all, there is a drop in welcome at our coffee morning on Monday mornings for 5 minutes or 2 hours! A cuppa, a biscuit and a chance to off load, smile or just enjoy company!

For the youngsters, we have the kids club for reception age to Year 6 called JAM which stands for Jesus and Me! A great opportunity for them to learn the bible stories from songs, quizzes, competitions and stories whilst collecting points to spend in our "shop" at Christmas and Easter. This runs from October to March at 6pm for 50 minutes every Friday.

For the youth, if you are year 5 to year 13 you are welcome to spend the evening with us from 7pm. With an hour of activities followed by the quiet time of singing and bible lessons - rewards for attendance and behaviour includes;  regular trips out for swimming, beach, bbq, etc. This runs from September to July. (This is also the link to our summer vacation camps!)

Breaking of Bread - this is a quiet worship service centred around remembering our Lord Jesus Christ and his death on the cross. Believers are welcome to participate with us in the breaking of bread known as Communion. Prayer and Bible Study - time taken to speak with our God in worship for His Grace and greatness and in supplication for His Strength and Power. If you would like us to pray for you or those you love, please contact us above.

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